Keeping Your Portable Restroom Area Clean And Accessible


Portable restrooms, like the ones provided by Lemeta Pumping & Thawing, can make the overall experience better at outdoor festivals, concerts, and parks, but keeping the restroom area neat and accessible is critical for a positive experience. Here are a few things you can do to make your portable restrooms more welcoming for your guests.

Create A Separate Space

You won't want to have the restrooms next to food vendors or in the middle of your event. Create a separate space off to the side where people can go to use the facilities. Use stanchions or crowd control gates to keep the area separated from the rest of the venue, and arrange them strategically to help keep lines orderly during busy times. Post signs at the entrance and exit areas for the line to eliminate confusion and to help everyone get to the portable restrooms in a timely fashion.

Clean The Grounds

Your portable restroom area can accumulate litter quickly, from paper towels used to dry hands to food being tossed aside as people enter the restrooms. Have a schedule in place for your grounds crew to clean up litter in the area, and make plenty of trash cans available to help reduce the amount of trash that ends up on the ground. You may also want to have the portable restroom rental company provide staff to clean out each stall throughout the day to maintain cleanliness. Some models, such as portable restroom trailers, may even come with on-site staff to maintain the restrooms.

Provide Sink Stations

In addition to providing portable restrooms, consider adding portable sink stations to your restroom area. This provides people with a way to wash up after using the restroom, which helps to improve the overall experience of your guests. These stations should come with non-potable water sources, paper towels, and soap dispensers. You'll want to keep trash cans next to the sinks so people can properly dispose of paper towels after washing up. Consider adding hand sanitizer dispensers for added cleanliness. Another option is to choose portable restrooms with hand sanitizer dispensers inside each stall.

Arrange For Waste Removal

If your portable toilets will be used for more than one day, it's a good idea to create a waste removal plan. Talk to the restroom rental company about how to ensure waste is removed in a timely manner. You'll likely need to let the company know how many people you expect at the venue. This can help to determine how often to empty the portable toilet tanks, and it can also help you to determine how many portable toilets you need to keep up with the needs of your guests.

To have a successful outdoor event, you'll need to do more than simply rent portable toilets. Having a plan for cleanliness and accessibility can make everyone feel more comfortable while at your outdoor event.


16 May 2017

Focusing On Sanitation

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