A Secure Work Space For Maximum Efficiency: Preparing For Your Septic Tank Installation


The potential of living farther off the grid and detached from busy city life can be extremely alluring to many people. If you're interested in that rural lifestyle, however, it's important that you develop a thorough understanding of the challenges and expectations that come along with it and that you're ready to transform your property into the self sufficient spot you need.

Part of that transformation involves the installation of a septic system. Your rural spot may be too far out for municipal sewer lines, and as a consequence, you need to be prepared to process your water waste appropriately. Below, you'll find a guide to some steps for preparing for your septic tank installation, allowing you to start the process with confidence and care.

Site Selection

Before you can start preparing your site for tank installation, you need to make sure the site itself is sufficient. It should be located far enough away from your home that any damage will be contained, but not so far that you have to run excessively long plumbing in order to use it.

You should also attempt to put your tank in a relatively unused part of your yard. This can help guarantee that there's minimal pressure put on your tank from traffic over the soil surrounding it, decreasing the chance of a pressure imbalance or rupture.

Hole Preparation

Once you've picked the site and dug a sufficient hole, it's important to make sure that hole is as stable as possible. Flatten the earth at the bottom so that you can have an even, stable space for your tank to rest on.

You might also want to consider installing sand or gravel in that bottom layer to shield your tank from a variety of possible interlopers. Ground water, curious animals, and plant growth may all try to invade upon your septic tank cavern, so installing a lining element around the hole you dig can offer an extra layer of protection.

Permit Acquisition

If you've moved out to the country for the sake of peace, quiet, and freedom, it's important that you don't allow that tranquility to be interrupted by your own carelessness to details. Make sure that you've acquired all of the necessary permits before you begin excavation and installation or you might be faced with delays and fines that can be extremely frustrating. Talk to your tank contractor about the requirements in your area, and lean on that expertise for acquisition advice.

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27 June 2017

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