It's A Dirty Job: Why You Shouldn't Neglect Your Commercial Septic System


If you own a business that operates off a septic tank, you owe it to yourself, your customers, and the other businesses around you, to keep it properly maintained. In fact, you also owe it to your community to make septic maintenance one of your top priorities. You might not know it, but if your commercial septic system malfunctions, you could be left with a serious mess on your hands. Take a look at three of the reasons you shouldn't neglect your commercial septic system:

Prevent Health Hazards

When you own a business, you have a duty to protect those around you from health hazards. Unfortunately, some of those health hazards can come from a faulty septic system. Commercial septic systems are designed to hold large amounts of liquid and solid waste. However, that doesn't mean they don't reach maximum capacity at some point. When they do, that liquid and solid waste can back up into stores, parking lots, and up through drain pipes around the building. At that point, anyone who comes in contact with the sewage will be exposed to waste-borne contaminants, and harmful viruses such as Hepatitis A, Norovirus acute gastroenteritis, and Rotavirus. You can do your part to protect those around you by keeping your commercial septic system well-maintained.

Prevent Costly Repairs

When you own a business, you've got to be concerned about the bottom-line; your budget. You don't want to face costly repairs that could have been avoided with proper maintenance. One way to prevent that from happening is to schedule annual inspections of your septic system. This will allow your septic company to catch minor issues before they balloon into much larger issues, that will require costlier repairs. It will also allow a closer watch on the waste levels inside the tank. Monitoring the waste levels will prevent clogs in the septic lines, as well as accidental backups.

Prevent Groundwater Contamination

In addition to the health problems associated with septic systems overflowing onto the surface, there are also health concerns associated with underground leaks. If your septic system overflows below the surface, you might not see the problem above-ground, but raw sewage could be seeping into the groundwater supply. Unfortunately, that can pose serious health risks for everyone in the community. Not to mention the fact that once the leak is exposed, your business could be responsible for the cleanup costs, especially if it could have been prevented.

Don't risk septic problems. Contact a septic company like Rob's Septic Tanks Inc and have your commercial septic system serviced.


3 September 2017

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