Tips To Keep Your Portable Toilet Clean


No matter why you are renting a portable toilet at the moment, a common issue is how to keep the area around the toilet clean and scent-free. You might be having an event on your property or waiting for repairs in your bathroom, but you still need proper facilities.

These tips will help to ensure that you keep your portable toilet as clean as possible.

1. Totally Empty the Tank

When it is time to dump out the tank of waste, make sure to do so thoroughly. Work with running water to ensure that you create a solid flow of water rather than a stagnant pool. Pressure will help to remove some of the waste too.

2. Coat Tank Walls with Bleach

Cleaning out the tank of your portable toilet requires more than a rinse. With the help of bleach, you can coat the walls of the tank to totally eliminate the smells associated with bathroom substances. Then, use the pump to ensure that the bleach reaches all areas of the line before rinsing out the tank again.

3. Keep the Toilet out of the Sun

With too much sunlight, you may see your tank begin to develop algae. Keep your portable toilet clean by storing it in a shaded area. Algae will make the tank much harder to clean over time, so it is best to prevent it from ever growing in the first place.

4. Anti-Bacterial Spray Is Essential

It's not all about washing out the tank of the portable toilet. Cleanliness is also about washing down the parts of the toilet that people might touch. These areas can become especially filthy without you even realizing it. Bring a sponge or cloth to spray down the exterior and interior of your toilet.

5. Use Deodorizer

Deodorizer is a beneficial tool for ensuring that your guests do not feel uncomfortable using your portable toilet. The best deodorizers will be those that use enzymes to kill bad scents. There are many scents available to choose from.

6. Dry the Unit Completely

Each portable toilet needs to be totally dry inside before it is closed or stored after cleaning. A wet interior will allow bacteria and substances like algae to begin growing.

If you still have questions about your portable toilet and how to clean it, a sanitation company may be your best next option. You can learn more at The best portable toilets are those that are clean and smell fresh, not those that seem abandoned by their caretakers.


22 September 2017

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