Need A Dumpster Rental For Your Apartment Complex? Here Are Important Things To Consider


According to statistics, on average, a person in the United States generates about 4.4 pounds of trash every day. And while most homes have enough available space to contain garbage in between trash service days, apartment complexes usually do not. If trash cannot be contained in proper receptacles, pests and animals can be attracted to the scent of the garbage. Animals can knock over trash cans, rip apart trash bags, and litter the area.

Because of this, dumpster rentals are crucial in managing apartment complexes. If you are a landlord or a property manager for an apartment complex and would like to begin dumpster rental service, here are a few important things to consider. 

The Dumpster 

The location for the dumpster should be in a flat, well-lit area away from any entrances to the apartment complex or individual units. The size of the dumpster you will need will depend on the number of residents living in your apartment complex as well as the frequency of the trash service to empty the dumpster. To determine this, you will need to contact local dumpster rental companies who can give you the approximate schedule for service to your area. 

The Accessibility 

The dumpster should be located in an area that will be easily accessible by the garbage truck when it comes to empty the dumpster. You will need to make sure there is a clear route from the street to the dumpster, which means you may need to repaint parking lines in the parking lot. The dumpsters should also be easily accessible to each of the tenants in the apartment complex. Due to any disabled tenants you may currently have or may have in the future, the area to and around the dumpster should be easily accessible by wheelchairs. 

The Weight 

Typically, the cost of the dumpster use depends on the weight of the contents in the dumpster. If, in the future, you find that you are spending more on the dumpster rental than you wish to spend, you may want to consider encouraging your tenants to throw away less. You can do this by placing recycling containers beside the dumpster rental and encourage your tenants recycle. 

The Footing 

Another thing to consider regarding the weight of the garbage and the dumpster rental is how the weight affects the ground underneath the dumpster. Too much weight on the ground can cause the footings of the dumpster to bury into the ground. For this reason, it is important to place the dumpster directly onto a hard surface, preferably concrete or asphalt pavement. 

The Rules 

It's important to establish a set of rules for your tenants regarding what they can and what they cannot throw into the dumpster. This will largely depend on the rules and requirements of the dumpster service as well as any regulations that have been established by the building code authority in your municipality or location. Print this list of rules regarding what can be thrown into the dumpster and what should be avoided to your tenants before the new dumpster service starts. Also, be sure to provide each future new tenant with a copy of the dumpster use rules as well. 

The Safety 

As was mentioned earlier, it's important for the dumpster to be in a well-lit area so the tenants will not risk injuries when they use the dumpster when it is dark. This can be done by placing the dumpster under a street light or other overhead lighting. Alternatively, you can install motion detection lighting in the dumpster area. Lighting will also, hopefully, prevent non-residential dumping of garbage into the dumpsters that you provide for your tenants use. Be sure to place a sign or two in the area that say the dumpsters are for tenant use only. 


17 November 2017

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