4 Signs You Need Water Treatment Services


Dirty or contaminated water can lead to diseases and damage your appliances and plumbing system. Unfortunately, several factors can affect your water's quality, including the source, piping condition, erosion, and runoff. Therefore, it is vital to install a treatment system to ensure you have clean and healthy water in your house. The following are four signs you need water treatment services.  

1. Limescale

If you notice limescale on your kettle, coffee maker, boiler, sink, bathtub, and pipes, your water has high amounts of magnesium and calcium, which means it's hard water. Although consuming hard water is not associated with many adverse health complications, it can make your hair and skin dry. Also, the accumulation of limescale in your plumbing system can clog pipes, lowering water pressure. Moreover, limescale can reduce the lifespan of your appliances and plumbing systems.

Therefore, it is safe to have a water treatment system to soften your water by eliminating unwanted elements. Ensure you invest in a water treatment system before limescale damages your plumbing system. 

2. Strange Taste or Smell

Generally, water from your faucet doesn't taste better than mineral or well water. However, if you notice a strange taste, your water may be contaminated. You may also notice odd smells of chlorine, rotten eggs, or metal from your water. This can be caused by bacterial growth in your water source, sewage overflow, or pesticide leaching. Water treatment services can help you remove these elements from your water before it gets to your faucet.

3. Color

If you pour water into a glass and notice it has a light brown color, your water possibly has iron oxide or rust. If your water is contaminated by manganese oxide, it will have a black color. White or gray shades could be due to harmless air bubbles. However, you should take the water sample for testing if the color persists even when it's hot.  A water treatment system can remove these contaminants and ensure you receive clean water from your faucets.

4. Stains on Your Clothes and Dishes  

Some water contaminants can stain clothes and dishes whether you use a washing machine and dishwasher or not. You can also notice stains on your sinks or toilet bowls. Luckily, treating your water can prevent this problem since the system will get rid of the impurities.

A water treatment system can help protect the health of your loved ones. Ensure you test the water you receive and work with professionals to choose water treatment services that meet your needs.  


16 July 2021

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