What Are The Signs You Need Professional Mildew Removal Services?


Mildew poses health risks to your household and destroys the structural integrity of your house, i.e., fades out the paint and causes wood to decay. Thus, you should conduct regular mildew removal exercises to keep your home safe. With the health risks such as allergies and breathing complications related to mildew exposure, it's best to leave the removal exercise to a professional company. They have the necessary equipment and safety gear, like masks, protective gloves, air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, and air movers, that make the process safe and effective. The following are signs that your home could use residential mildew removal

Visible Mildew Presence 

The most obvious sign that you need mildew removal services is the presence of mildew on your walls, floors, or ceilings. Mildew takes various forms and colors, e.g., black, green, fluffy, and brownish. In most cases, you're likely to think it's dirt, smears, or soot. However, they form patches in specific areas of the house, especially in wet places around your ceilings, walls, and bathroom. If the marks are showing on dry surfaces, it indicates an advanced problem. Such unusual and unexplainable patches are apparent signs of mildew, and you should immediately call for mildew removal services.

Damp and Musty Smell

Is there a persistent damp and musty smell around your home even after thorough cleaning? If there is, it could indicate excessive mildew presence in your home. The musty smell of old books results from microbial volatile organic compounds (mVOCs) produced during mildew growth. The smell makes the house uncomfortable to stay in or even perform daily activities such as cooking. The only efficient way to deal with the issues is to contact professional mildew removal services. In most instances, the smell comes from places with poor ventilation, such as basements, attics and toilets, and bathrooms that lack exhaust fans.

Unexplained Health Problems in Your Household

Different types of mildew exist, and they vary in toxicity. Exposure to their spores can result in allergic reactions such as coughing, running noses, sore eyes, skin rashes, and itching. If members of your house repeatedly get such reactions even after treatment, it could be a sign of mildew infestation in your home. Thus, you should immediately seek mildew removal services to keep your family healthy and avoid costly medication and doctor visits. Furthermore, if you don't deal with the issues quickly, excessive mildew in your home may result in more severe health complications such as asthma and breathing difficulties. 


28 September 2022

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